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The nervous system is the master regulator and main communicator of the body. When there is a breakdown in this vital communication system you can have any number of symptoms including pain, weakness, tingling, loss of function, loss of motion, headaches, sensation changes, balance  issues, memory deficits, aberrant emotions, digestive issues and more.  Our bodies are remarkable and will adapt to the weaknesses that we all  have on some level. We may not lose function, but the efficiency at which our bodies perform can be significantly diminished, requiring more  of our vital energy to function and go about our day.
While great changes can be made through educated standard chiropractic adjustments,  we have come to understand that sometimes the nerves need to receive  further support. For this reason we have trained in the techniques  taught by Quantum Neurology.

Quantum Neurology utilizes the power  of a low-level red light that oscillates at a very specific frequency.  Light therapy has been researched for decades and the development of  this specific light and its frequency support the nervous system,  promoting healing.

We consider Quantum Neurology an invaluable asset in helping us help you.

Read more about this technique here: www.quantumneurology.com

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